Frequently Asked & Question

Frequently Asked & Questions

What kind of services do you offer ?

QcashPay provides the automatic exchange of electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can also use western union, moneygram and bank transfers for the purchase and sale of electronic money, including cryptocurrency

Someone has stolen my money using your service; what should I do?

Please contact our service with proof of the scam/fraud and we will share all the information about that issue. After that, please contact the payment system with all the necessary information where your money goes and ask to suspend the thief’s account

My question isn’t on the FAQ list. How can I get an answer?

You can ask your question by contacting our support service at . We’re always available. You will get a response within 24 hours

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by contacting our Support Team

What is the Partner Program and how does it work?

This earning method offers you a good opportunity to make money passively. You will receive a percentage commission based on the value of the financial transactions performed by any customer who was invited by you. After registering at you will receive various promotional materials to choose from (texts, banners, scripts), which will make your job extremely easy. All you have to do is invite users to our website by posting promotional materials on your homepages, blogs, forums, Q&A services, blackboards, social network pages, and other resources. Your link will contain a unique code that allows us to track which users came to our website by following your particular link.

What do I have to do to start making money with the partner program?

All you have to do is sign up on the website. Once the sign up process is complete you will receive access to an account where you will find all the promotional materials you need, including banners, partner links, etc., as well as traffic statistics for your partner link. This data will help you analyze the results of your work.

I don’t have my own website. Can I still earn money without a website?

Yes! Just advertise our services by using the referral link you receive after signing up on various forums and social networks and by recommending us to your friends and coworkers.

Can I place an order using my partner links?

No. This is prohibited by the system.

What do you consider spam?

If you use spam, you will cause serious damage to the website and the project as a whole, which could lead to the domain name and even the website itself being blocked. You should not use spam or other illegal methods of advertising your partner links. If you do, the administration reserves the right to unilaterally exclude you from participation and cut off the payment of all partner bonuses.

Where can I keep track of my income?

Your partner profile has an “Commission” sections where you can access statistical information on your income and the users of your partner link.

How long is a referral user linked to me?

Referral users are linked to partners forever, so any transactions they perform for the rest of their lives will earn profit for their partners.

How will I receive the money I earn?

You can make a withdrawal as soon as your balance has reached $10. Withdrawals occur automatically when you request them in your profile.

How much can I earn by participating in your partner program?

That depends on a number of orders and income its 10 %- 20% we offer to customer. If any customer can earn $1000 by his referral then he will receive 20% from that customer's each order.

How long does the exchange take?

All e-currencies exchanges are instant and it takes one minute maximum. If you do not receive your money in 10 minutes, please contact support. Please note that the speed-of-delivery also depends on payment systems.

I completed an exchange. After the payment went through, the order status was changed to canceled. I paid immediately, the money was deducted. What should I do?

Your payment could have been received with a long delay. Please contact our Support Team.

I made the exchange a few days ago, but the funds have not yet received. Why?

Transactions are suspended when funds are sent with a minimum fee. We cannot influence the speed of confirmation in the Bitcoin network. If you want your transactions to be completed faster, we recommend setting the optimal fee. Once your transaction is confirmed, your order will be automatically completed and the funds will be sent to you. The exchange rate will not change.

What is your working time for the exchange?

All transactions are automatic and proceed without an operator. This means that you can exchange your currency at any time you like - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Except Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Wire transfer.

I canceled my order. How long will the refund take?

Please contact our Support Team and provide them with the refund details.

What is the Discount?

The discount applies to the exchange commission.

Why was my order declined/canceled?

You have not completed the transaction within 2 hours or sent the wrong amount (including pennies), and our system has not recognized your payment.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel only New or Pending orders by contacting with our support team.

Do you recalculate the received amount if more than 15 minutes has passed between order creation and payment receipt?

Yes, the received amount will be recalculated upon our receiving confirmation (or process the exchange) but only if that time is more than 15 minutes.

I paid the bill, but the money has not arrived yet, why?

The problem is on the payment system side, or on the bank side. As soon as the problem is fixed, your funds will arrive in your account shortly thereafter. Your bank account or e-currency wallet was blocked or had some restrictions placed on it. In this case, we will send you your money back, except the bank/payment system fee in 1 to 7 days.

Order status

> Open

Every order has this status in the beginning.

> Pending

Order has been paid, but awaits to be processed manually. Be patient, manual processing happens within the working hours.

> Checking

Order wasn't paid in the time specified (usually 2 hours).

> Canceled

Order has been paid. We were unable to transfer funds temporarily. Be patient, the funds will be transferred manually within the working hours.

> Processing

This status means that we received unconfirmed payment for your order. Once it's confirmed by cryptocurrency network the status will change to Paid.

> Completed

Order has been completed successfully.

> Hold

A hold has been placed on this amount for 72 hours for security reasons. The exchange rate will be updated when the transaction is complete.

How fast can I receive my funds when I'm changing to Visa/MasterCard USD?

Usually receipt of funds takes no more 2-3 days; maximally, it can take 7 days, depending on the bank.

Is there any hold when I'm trying to pay with Yandex.Money?

Yes, if the user transfers currency with such Wallets as Yandex.Money and bank wire the Administrator reserves the right to suspend the services up to 72 hours to prevent the use of services for executing suspicious transactions.