07 Jan, 2018

QCashPay team wishes all our customers Happy New Year!

The second half of December, being a holiday season, is the time for each of us to enjoy festive and jolly atmosphere. It is shopping time for gifts for your loved ones, installing Christmas decorations and setting expectations for the coming year.


It is the time to reflect on all good that has happened during this year and all delightful moments that the new year will bring. Let’s outline the results of the year. In 2017 QCashPay team has enabled and solved a lots complicated issues and developed fully automated and secured exchange platform for its users. In 2018 we plan to take a leading position of exchange system market segment in the globe.

We fully understand the importance of our exchange system integration for your needs. In 2017 we have updated most of the functions and added new ones. In 2018 we will continue keeping a close eye on latest technological developments.

In 2018 we have planned to develop android and IOS Apps for our users to handle our services more easy and frequently. Mobile apps exponential growth rate and rising importance did not go unnoticed to QCashPay team. That’s why QCashPay team are working hardly to develop mobile Apps.

At the start of 2018 our exchange system will be celebrating 6th anniversary in business! Since the system's launch, it took a lot of effort and dedication to upgrade and keep our perfect exchange system running smoothly and keeping all our customers happy. We leave in a dynamic world that constantly evolves.

In recognition of this fact we are dedicated to constant improvement and development of QCashPay exchange system. Our self believe, as well as reliable partners, has ensured that we meet and exceed our goals. In the new year 2018, we sincerely wish you happiness, health and mutual understanding with your loved ones. Let all your dreams come true while we provide you reliable e-currency and c-currency exchange services for decades to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 2018!

01 Aug, 2018

Solid Member Registration and Activation

We are pleased to announce that we have seen few member try to open account in our system without email verification that's why our security tools blocked their IP to prevent next level activities.

So be informed when you will see your IP blocked and if you be real client then contact us with live chat or email. Our dedicated team always ready to help you to activate your account but must need valid email.

Do not be worried for this its our security to prevent unauthorized access.



QCashPay Team

25 Jun, 2018

Exchange Epay to Wex with 0.5% fees only

Dear Users, Presently you can exchange EPAY USD to WEX USD from us is only 0.5% fee.

If you need any WEX USD, kindly place order at our site.

Best Regard

03 Jun, 2018

Western Union Service is available

Dear Customer, It is pleased to inform you that our WU receiver is available now.
Welcome to use our service.

Best Regard

QCashPay Team

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= 6228.2578
- 2.00%
= 5783.3822
- 9.00%
= 42421.1786
- 3.00%
= 0.9800
- 2.00%
= 0.9950
- 0.50%
= 1.0100
+ 1.00%
= 0.9500
- 5.00%
= 0.9900
- 1.00%

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